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Make Your Own Stacey Costume!

So You Want An
Outfit Like This?

Well then, here's all the info we have on how to make your very own "Sith Stacey" costume.

Some parts are store-bought and modified, others were created from scratch. Wherever possible, we've identified the items that were purchased, but some may no longer be available. (Some links are affiliate links.)

If you can't find a specific part and need to improvise, just remember that Stacey assembled this outfit herself while stranded on Dagobah. Think Robinson Crusoe meets Star Wars and you've got the idea.

And if you do make your own Stacey costume, please send us a picture!

Many pictures are clickable
to see higher-res versions.

First, The Stuff You Can Buy...


We wanted to show that Stacey had been on Dagobah long enough for her hair to grow out again.
Amy's hair was still short, so we bought a wig that matched the color of her bangs.
Late in production Amy cut her hair shorter, so we added bangs to the wig as well.

Original wig

"Luscious" from Easihair.com

Wig after styling and braiding

with bangs added (like these)

Pink lizardskin headband added over wig headband

Random braids, beads, and lacings


The undershirt was designed to look like Stacey's rhinestoned t-shirt from
Pink Five Strikes Back after a year in the swamps of Dagobah.
Any pink shirt will probably be fine, but for the record, we used a pink "muscle tank" from American Apparel

Distressed, dirtied, with a few rhinestones added.

To be completely canon, wear with a red brassiere.

Save a scrap of shirt fabric
to make a wristband for the right wrist.

This is where Stacey keeps her communicator.

You can't see it because there actually
isn't one, because it's only a movie.


Black stretch riding pants with suede inner-knee patches.
There are a number of similar riding pants on the market,
but for the record these were Devon-Aire ladies riding breeches


Dr. Scholl's "Stash" boots in black suede
Model # SKU 125104

Unfortunately they don't make these anymore, so
you'll have to find a surplus or used pair, or modify a similar boot.

Original boots
Strip of black suede added to cover zippers.
Left boot pocket bead decorations
Ring necklace on right boot (see below)

Pink Squadron Wings

The maker calls them "Fem Fatale" wings.
Made in limited batches, check here to see if any are available.
(Free website registration required)

The Stuff You'll Have To Make

First, Get Some Leather

To make the rest of the costume, you'll need three kinds of leather.
We got ours as surplus on eBay from an upholstery company.
black faux ostrich leather
for vest and saber grip
pink faux lizardskin
for vest, headband, saber grip,
belt, and ring necklaces
brown faux snakeskin
for belt pouches


Designed to look hand-made from Dagobah lizardskins.
Yes, there are pink lizards on Dagobah. It's a known fact.
Ostrich leather with pink lizardskin trim, laced with rawhide and heavy pink thread.


The two main belts were found in the dollar bin of a discount clothing store.
No manufacturer markings on them, so no idea where they came from.
You'll just have to re-create them however you can.

Belt #1 Brown stitched leather with double clasps
Belt #2 Black leather squares with leather lacing
Belt #3 Pink lizardskin

Belt #1 clips together
Belt #2 lacings tie loosely together
Belt pouches with bone and claw clasps
Covertec/Krusell lightsaber belt clip
#58114 or #58115


Alternating silver and brass rings, braided
though a strip of pink lizardskin.
Make another for the right boot.


Plumbing fittings, metal and rubber rings, and leather grip

I sometimes make replicas of the saber from my stockpile of original parts - if you're interested in buying one let me know.


Never actually worn with the costume in the movie, but if you're interested,
I threw together the binocular prop using junk from my garage.

1. Folding binoculars - the actual pair was made by Minolta, but they look like the ones pictured.
2. Empty bottle of STP Carburetor Treatment
3. LED holders and a photoresistor from Radio Shack
4. Black spray paint and electrical tape
Top view
Bottom view
Top view
Bottom view
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