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The Pink Five FAQ

What happened to the Pink Five videos on YouTube?

We've taken the videos offline while we do our live screenings of the completed Saga.

The next live screening will be at Space City Con in Galveston TX on January 3-5. Join us!

Can I buy the Pink Five Saga on DVD?

We wish. But the Pink Five films are based on George Lucas' copyrighted works, and we don't have the rights to sell Star Wars.

Lucasfilm has a long-standing policy of tolerating - and even encouraging - fanfilms, but they draw the line at selling fanfilms for profit.

Will Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm affect Pink Five and/or other Star Wars fanfilms?

Don't know. We sure hope not.

Can I download the Pink Five movies?

Probably. Any downloadable version you find is a low-res bootleg that somebody copied from somewhere. Feel free to look for them, they're out there.

Does Lucasfilm pay you to make these films?

We are not employed by Lucasfilm, nor do they assist in the making of our videos. And just like the rest of you, they often ask us when they can see the final chapter.

Lucasfilm has supported us by showing our films at their events, featuring us on Starwars.com, putting Stacey on an official trading card and even in one of their novels. Which we appreciate tremendously.

The Pink Five films are entirely paid for out of our own pockets - plus donations from fans, which we also appreciate tremendously.

How many shots in the Pink Five videos are from the Star Wars movies?

None. Obviously we're trying to make our stuff look like original Star Wars footage, but all the shots are our own re-creations.

What software did you use?

Mostly Adobe software - Premiere, AfterEffects, Photoshop, etc. The 3-D animation was mostly done in Lightwave, with a few shots done in Maya.

Will there be another Pink Five series based on Episodes I -III?


Aww, really?




Movie studios should hire you to make movies or tv shows or internet stuff for them.

That's not a question. But you're right, they really should. If you know any of those people, or if you are one of those people, .

I have a question that you didn't cover.


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